Laphroaig Cairdeas Port Wood


Grade: B

Type: Scotland, Single Malt, Islay

Age: N/A

ABV: 51.30%

Price: $70

Availability: Better Whiskey Stores/Limited Run

The nose has a much lighter peatiness to it than that of a standard Laphroaig expression. There is a lot of dark fruit on the nose. The palate has some orange, sweet tawny port, smokey malt, The finish is dry and fruity like a white wine, medium peat. This is a unique Laphroaig expression that is certainly worthy of owning/trying. I tasted it with two other standard Laphroaig expressions and while I didn’t prefer this to the QC or 10 cask, I did think it was unique and quite good.


Sullivan’s Cove French Oak Cask


Grade: B-

Type: Australia, Single Malt, Tazmania

Age: N/A

ABV: 47.50

Price: $140

Availability: Better Whiskey Stores

Soaked in French oak port casks, the nose is fruity and chocolaty. The palate is a bit floral, peppper, semi sweet red wine. The finish is a big fruit bomb, plums, dark berries, finishes fast. Prohibition against distilling in the region was just lifted in the 1990’s. As a result, this is a new distillery started in 1994, I would expect some great expressions from this region soon. My current reservation here is cost to quality. This is a decent dram that is worth trying, but owning at $140 plus….I’m not so sure.