Caol Ila 14 Year Chieftain’s Rum Cask


Grade: B

Type: Scotland, Single Malt, Islay

Age: 14 yrs

ABV: 55.00%

Price: $105

Availability: Rare

The nose on this is peat, tar, and dried fruits. On the palate, iodine, malt, lots of chocolate, dark rum taste. The finish is long and lingers with some brown sugar. This expression when you find it is a must try. Having trouble finding it? It was a limited run but I do believe it can still be ordered online as of 09/2013


Big Peat


Grade: B

Type: Scotland, Blended, Islay

Age: N/A

ABV: 46.00%

Price: $65

Availability: Better Whiskey Stores

This expression is still semi limited in America and is a blend of Ardbeg, Port Ellen, Caol Ila, and Bowmore. The nose has some typical Islay peat and is a little sweet with chocolate. The palate is salty and with a nice peatiness. The finish is mild and has little to offer other than peat.  I like this expression but I would like a lot more character besides  the peatiness.

Caol Ila 12


Grade: B

Type: Scotland,Single Malt, Islay

Age: 12 Yrs

ABV: 43.00%

Price: $65

Availability: Wide/Better Whiskey Stores

The nose is like most Islays, peat and medicine. The palate is much softer though, floral, and sweet fruit. The finish is peaty, but not over the top. The peat is lighter than other Islays. This is a great bottle to have around the house or if you are new to the Islay style.