Arran Port Cask Finish


Grade: B-

Type: Scotland, Single Malt, Island

Age: N/A

ABV: 50.00

Price: $75

Availability: Better Whiskey Stores

The nose has a liqueur feel to it, sweet red wine. The palate is dry and fruity, and a little spicy. Tha balance seems a bit off here. The finish has some lingering fruit and a syrupy sweetness. Overall this expression is decent and worth trying a dram or two. I really like the eclectic lineup of Arran. There is certainly something in their complete lineup for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Arran Port Cask Finish

  1. I just enjoyed a dram of Lochbranza Founders Reserve -1990’s from this distillery. I was surprised to learn the Arran distillery is so young. The Arran Malt is more in my price range, I will be looking for it. Thanks for the review.

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