Big Peat


Grade: B

Type: Scotland, Blended, Islay

Age: N/A

ABV: 46.00%

Price: $65

Availability: Better Whiskey Stores

This expression is still semi limited in America and is a blend of Ardbeg, Port Ellen, Caol Ila, and Bowmore. The nose has some typical Islay peat and is a little sweet with chocolate. The palate is salty and with a nice peatiness. The finish is mild and has little to offer other than peat.  I like this expression but I would like a lot more character besides  the peatiness.


3 thoughts on “Big Peat

    • It’s definitely overpriced considering many of the single malt Islay expressions that are much better than this are far more moderate in price. Many parts of the US are still without a distributor for this so I suspect that the price may actually come down.

  1. I have revisited this expression again and have changed my score to a B. I still prefer a single malt from this region for this price range. I am now seeing this priced at around $65 as there are more distributors carrying it. I love the peat on this but it needs more character.

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