Four Roses Single Barrel


Grade: B-

Type: American, Bourbon, Kentucky

Age: N/A

ABV: 50.00

Price: $45

Availability: Wide/Better Whiskey Stores

This review is based on the standard single barrel offering by Four Roses; this should not be confused with the hand picked expressions that are often found in stores. Being that this is a single barrel, the taste can be a bit different from bottle to bottle. Warehouse No. ME Barrel No. 65E.. The nose of this is rye with a really nice spicy wood. The palate is the best part of this expression, nice maple rye, and vanilla. The finish is a bit off, to much heat and not enough complexity. Semi dry and bitter in the finish.


2 thoughts on “Four Roses Single Barrel

  1. In the standard offering of Four Roses Single Barrel, I’ve definitely had some offputting samples. However, I’ve also had bottles that have been some of my favorite bourbons. Personally, I usually look for the single barrel bottlings that use the K yeast strain, as I think that yeast strain brings a bit more complexity in the final product. What barrel was this bottle from?

  2. This sample was from 65E. I have had this many times from different warehouses and barrels and you’re right it’s different everytime. Some are better than others.

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