Glenmorangie 18


Grade: B

Type: Scotland, Single Malt, Highland

Age: 18 Yrs

ABV: 43.00%

Price: $100

Availability: Better Whiskey Stores

I really like the nose on this, sweet fruit, chocolate, coconut…citrus. The fantastic nose sets a high expectation for the palate which doesn’t fully come, light citrus and oily but not very interesting. The finish is very smooth but no stand out flavors, almost like a really good blend. I do like it, but it’s expensive.

5 thoughts on “Glenmorangie 18

  1. It’s a solid whiskey but not worth the price. I don’t hate it but I have yet to try a Glenmorangie that blew me away. The Glenmorangie Nectar D’or typically outscores this one in blind tasting and it’s cheaper. When ever I see a whiskey at $100 I think ” is this going to be as good as a Highland Park 18?’ which is my staple for comparison at that price.

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